You can help feed a hungry and deserving kid.

Be part of the solution!

You can help feed a hungry and deserving kid. image




Be part of the solution!

Angry? Me too!

Got a minute? Take a look with me. South of the border. Just minutes south of our comfortable living rooms. A few miles from our dining rooms, from our cozy bedrooms. Tonight, a child who has been dealt a bad hand in life will go to bed hungry. Tomorrow, a child will sit in a makeshift classroom, her stomach rumbling with hunger. A young mother will wonder why her baby is not thriving, but seems always to be sick.

Politicians pontificate. Capitalists compete. Religious leaders remonstrate. Advocates argue. The questions never end. Differences of opinion don't budge. The never-ending rhetoric resulting from the clash of our abundant society with third-world desparation seemingly never ends.

But anger does not feed hungry children. Both sides are right. Every argument and each point of view can find support. And every position is wrong. And rife with fallacies. To a child with an empty tummy, all the arguments are meaningless. To the young dad who, no matter how many hours he works, cannot properly feed his family, our politics don't matter.

The solution for today is to feed these precious kids. It costs us literally pennies to provide a nutritious meal to a child. Multiply by a dozen - a few dollars funds a feeding program for a day. Multiply by hundreds, and entire neighborhoods gain healthy diets; thousands, and communities are transformed.

There is plenty of food. Generous donors and volunteers provide millions of meals to Hilarious Givers. Nobody collects a salary - all our donations are spent soliciting and transporting food, identifying worthwhile and needy children, and administrating our outreach.

That's what Hilarious Givers is all about! You're the solution for lots of these beautiful children.

You can make a big difference - both to a needy child, and to your own life. I hope you can help.